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Good design requires use of all five human senses, combined creativity and vision. Love and passion for design drives us to consistently stand out and conceive unique work.


Design is about creating beauty, and such attraction to the spaces we inhabit are continuously modified to suit our current times and our ever changing palate. In order to make these spaces unique we always seek to examine elements that have never been exercised before.


Interior designer Nick bilocca

Nick Bilocca

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Having a strong eye and the ability to see the materials come to life is crucial for successful design. What’s more, no two spaces should be alike and exploring their individuality is what makes true design so unique.


Design must be beautiful yet functional at the same time. The two simply go hand in hand and without each other there is a missing link in the final product.


This is what design embodies for us at Symphony Design. We are a full-service Interior Design firm offering our clients curated interior spaces that display layers of unusual texture, color, and verve.


Led by Nick Bilocca, Symphony Design's interior design team, specialise in interior design and project management. For the past decade we have been guiding clients in the planning, building and furnishing process of new homes as well as the remodeling and decorating of existing homes. Whether it is just one room, an entire property, or a commercial project, at Symphony Design, we can take care of the project from start to finish.


Sought for our creative approach, visual expertise and design know-how, we assist our clients in designing living areas that are timeless, always trying to interpret the uniqueness of each client, whilst remaining functional and flexible. All this without the hefty price tag, thus making the idea of a designer-home within reach to all.

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