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The Design Process

Our interior design service is committed to delivering a thorough service, managing all aspects of your design and budget. It is our belief that our clients are partners in a transparent and fully accountable process.


We take as much pride in nurturing long-term relationships as we do in establishing new ones. For us, each client that puts his or her trust in us is a privilege, one we hope to serve long after the work is completed. 


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Interior designer Nick bilocca

Nick Bilocca

Our design process works in a number of stages:


Initial Meetings

Our first meetings will be on site, giving us the opportunity to go over all your requirements and have a general discussion about design, budget and timescale. 



Based on your brief, we then begin the initial design process; we draw up plans and layout designs, aimed at showing the potential of your space.


To accompany this we also source options of fixtures and fittings from our design library as well as furniture and soft furnishings. If necessary we may draw some bespoke furniture as well. Lighting is always key for any interiors project, and we will ensure that good attention is given to lighting design.


We develop color palettes, as well as select your new interior finishes such as paint, wallcovering, flooring, ceiling and window treatments, joinery and countertops.


We discuss and propose options for finishes, fabrics and drawings to give you a clear picture. This may take place over several meetings so that we can perfect the final design that accommodates the client's taste and budget. One may also opt for 3D renderings, giving you a very close view as to what the final product would look like. 


Cost Estimates

A preliminary budget is prepared based on the materials and design ideas proposed during the concept presentation. This is discussed with you in detail and once the final project direction is agreed upon, we will start sourcing suppliers and quotations. We are happy to use any contractors you wish to suggest as well. Together we will discuss the merits of each and agree who will be commissioned for the work.


Work Schedule 

We can also assist with follow up on orders, taking care of tasks such as tracking and lead times, deliveries and coordination of contractors. This also entails creating a schedule of works which is updated on a regular basis. 



Accessories are essential to finish an interior. Many clients have precious objects that they wish to display; we also look for the vital finishing touches which may include art, ceramics, or reframed family pictures.


Everyone has their own individual sense of style and it is up to us at Symphony Design to make sure that the finished design is a bespoke one, reflecting our signature design style, whilst encompassing the vision of the client.

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