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Nick Bilocca offers a full-service interior design service in Malta that makes the interior design process unpretentious, fun and fresh.

Interior designer Nick bilocca

Nick Bilocca

Are you in the process of purchasing a new home, or maybe refurbishing the one you already have? Do you have some ideas of what you want but have no idea where to start to put it all together, or cannot afford the time to spend researching and sourcing everything that is needed? This is where our interior design services come in handy.


Drawing from years of experience within the design and creative world, Symphony House's lead interior designer Nick Bilocca will work closely with you to help you create your ideal environment. We offer an extensive list of interior design services including full design and refurbishment, as well as project management, from simple room makeovers to larger scale turnkey projects.


All this without the hefty price tag, thus making the idea of a designer-home within reach to all.

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